Our wine:

Special climate and soils, proper pruning, rigorous standard of winemaking , concrete wine tanks, best oak wine barrels , all those factors optimize the quality of our wines and allow the adequate synthesis between the traditional and the modern.

Manuel Ruiz Hernandez is our oenologist jointly with Antonio Diez-Caballero , according to this relevant winemaker, “the most important progress in matter of quality wine is, honesty” and this is the purpose we follow in our daily responsibility.

Diez-Caballero Reserva 2010
Diez-Caballero Crianza 2014
Victoria Diez-Caballero Reserva 2010
Diez-Caballero 2015 Vendimia Seleccionada
Diez-Caballero Fermentado en Barrica 2015
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